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The Base Flatbed Applicator

Flatbed applicator table - Mounter's Mate Workstation

No matter where you set up shop, the Mounter's Mate Smartstation Flatbed Applicator is the proven way to produce perfect graphics, every time. It’s the tool that fits wherever you want and applies vinyl graphics and application tape easier than ever before. That’s why we call it the Smartstation.

  • The Affordable Flatbed Applicator
  • Fast application of vinyl graphics and application tape
  • Fits into the tightest of spaces
  • Premium toughened glass bed, unbeatable quality
  • Silent Compressor and 5mm cutting mat included
  • The multi-purpose bench that makes graphics easy
  • Training provided to get you up and running, fast!

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Mastering The Smartstation

When we sat down to design the Smartstation we decided to build a flatbed applicator that could be used by everyone from the novice to the seasoned professional. By building a tool that anyone can start applying graphics with in just 10 minutes we’ve created a multi-purpose applicator with a difference.

By taking our best in class toughened glass bed and designing a lightweight purpose built frame we’ve creating a tool you can install and use anywhere. This makes it perfect for print shops who want to create perfect graphics every time without sacrificing space.

It’s a flexible, affordable, and professional product that ensures you have everything you need to take your graphics to the next level. Perfect for ensuring you always have the smart tool for the job.

Smartstation Flatbed Applicator

Take a look at the reasons why the Mounter’s Mate Smartstation is all set to transform your business today.

exceptional build quality

The purpose built aluminuim frame is precision manufactured to ensure that it meets Mounter’s Mate’s exacting quality standards. With easy assembly and every nut and bolt installed by one of our experts you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Faster Production

By allowing one person to take care of your mounting processes, the Smartstation allows you to speed up production by as much as 70%, allowing other team members to work on other stages of the graphics making process.

It pays for itself

As with other Mounter’s Mate products the Smartstation can pay for itself in less than 12 months due to it’s exceptional improvements to graphics production times and professional grade output.


Not only is the Smartstation Flatbed mounting system highly accurate and repeatable, it’s also easy to use. This means that one member of your team can take care of everything needed to make light work of your next big order.

The Affordable Option

The revolutionary Smartstation allows both small and large companies to take advantage of a flatbed mounting system at a price point to suits any sign maker. With prices starting at just £6,695 (plus VAT) and finance options from £139 per month*  the Smartstation is the affordable and flexible way to start producing professional quality graphics every time.

Start on the right foot

When you purchase a Mounter's Mate product have no doubt that the training and after sales service will exceed your expectation, once installed one of our engineers will provide you with extensive training you need to get started, teaching your staff the tips and tricks to get the job done right the first time! we say why not hold back a job or two for us and we will complete them together for your complete piece of mind.

* Finance options subject to status and final underwriting, available in the UK only.


Smartstation Flatbed Applicator

Mounter's Mate Workstation Flatbed Applicator Specification Diagram


  • 10mm toughened glass as standard

  • aluminium construction

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Caster wheels with levelling

  • Collapsable frame

Main roller

  • 130mm diameter steel roller with grey silicone finish

  • Pneumatic lift and lower system

  • usable from left OR right side of machine

Bearings & rails

  • 25mm cylindrical precision machined guide rails

  • 26mm 'V' style precision linear bearings (2 sets per side)

Extra features

  • Application Tape holder - fits to roller to apply transfer tape to graphics

  • 8L silent air compressor, Included as standard

  • 5mm clear cutting mat, Included as standard

  • Regulator with roller pressure adjustment

Smartstation facts

  • Gross weight: 260kg excluding air compressor (214 model)

  • Voltage: 110v/220v 50-60hz

  • Current: 8A/230V or 16A/110v

  • Max. power: 500w

  • Max. bed size: 1450mm x 2900mm (214 model)

  • Max. working bed size: 1410mm x 2600mm (214 model)

  • Transport size: 3100mm x 1900mm x 670mm (WxLxH) (214 model)

  • 1 year on-site warranty

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The Mounter's Mate Smartstation Range

Flatbed application table for print finishing

The Mounter's Mate Smartstation flatbed applicator Is offered at one simple size (214 Model). with a Bed size of 1450mm wide x 2850mm and a application area of 1400mm x 2500mm it makes the perfect partner to work with in your workshop or print facility.

Each Mounter's Mate Smartstation comes as standard with:

  • 10mm tempered glass top

  • Sturdy Collapsable base

  • 130mm Dia Silicone roller

  • Pneumatic roller lift/lower system

  • Silent compressor

  • Height operation from 0 - 50mm

  • 1 year on-site warranty

Mounter's Mate Smartstation 214

  • Our best selling model

  • Perfect for the small sign shop, where space is at a premium.

  • Just replace your exsiting bench

  • 2600 x 1400mm application area

  • Accommodates 1220mm x 2440mm (8 x 4ft) sheets & 1370mm wide vinyl prints


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