Mounter’s Mate "It was a no-brainer" - Cre8ive Case Study


CRE-8-IVE Signs & Graphics have become a name in the industry and have carved a niche for themselves by creating premium quality signage and large format graphics. They loved their 1600hs laminator so much that they only ever considered Mounter’s Mate when the time came to find a flatbed applicator.

The people at CRE-8-IVE are an energetic and creative team who love to get their teeth into all manner of new projects. This has seen them become the supplier of choice to world renowned companies such as Ducati and Ellsworth Adhesives: the world’s largest glue manufacturer.

Their team originally focused their efforts on creating eye-catching indoor murals and their reputation grew from there. As the business rapidly expanded they began a systematic upgrade of all of their equipment to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for their work. A roll to roll laminator was first on their shopping list. After seeing the 1600hs in action at various exhibitions they liked what they saw and the rest is history.

After installation and some informative onsite hands-on training the team got to work:

“The Mounter’s Mate laminate works perfectly for us, it makes it easy for us to protect our prints and allows us to put out a quality product that keeps our customers coming back for more.”

They’ve been using the Mounter’s Mate 1600hs everyday since and it has become a workhorse in the printshop. The reliability and service the CRE-8-IVE team experienced made it an absolute no brainer from their point of view to look nowhere other than Mounter’s Mate when it came to purchasing a flatbed applicator:

“We genuinely can’t fault the service, I only have one other supplier that serves me as well as Mounter’s mate…and we deal with a lot of suppliers!”

With both machines in daily use the business has continued to go from strength to strength by maintaining exacting standards and an uncompromising commitment to delivering on time. They have been able to greatly expand their exhibition graphics work with the peace of mind that what they print will be finished perfectly with less waste making tight deadlines a breeze:

“Being able to manage more graphics with quicker turn arounds has certainly boosted our turnover and profits this year.”

Their equipment has been working smoothly for a number of years now and provides the professional touches that have allowed them to take things to the next level.

“We’re delighted to work with CRE-8-IVE going forward and look forward to seeing them continue to grow and to lead their field for years to come.”

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