The Extended Range

Mounters Mate Workstation 315

This machine was previously offered with the all new 1600hs laminator but the product range has been extended to provide a wider offering of bed sizes that will better address individual client’s working requirements.

Mounters Mate Workstation 417 

The all new 417 is the top of the range and offers the largest ‘stock' bed size, providing a huge 4 metre x 1700 glass topped application area, this machine specifically address the needs of regular volume large format printers.

This machine shares all proven componentry from the 315 and will accomodate 1620 width material.

Mounters Mate Workstation 315 

The machine we initially launched in the UK provides a 3 metre x 1500mm glass topped application area, ideally suited for all general digital print and graphics works in any sign or print company.

This machine will be on display and in operation at Sign and Digital. 19th -21st April 2016

Mounters Mate Workstation 213

The all new 213 offers a reduced bed size giving a 2.45 metre x 1350mm glass topped application area that will accommodate a maximum of an 8 x 4 sheet, this reduced size bed will address smaller repeat work and also offers. a solution where work space is at a premium. Again this machine shares all proven componentry from the 315 and will accomodate 1220mm width material.

Bespoke Mounters Mate Workstation

While the stock range of Mounters Mate application beds are intended to address most user’s needs we can offer bespoke sizes, by simply varying the bed size using all existing componentry to manufacture a machine tailored to your specific requirements.

The price of bespoke manufacture is in line with the competitive pricing structure we offer across the complete range so there is no need to accommodate or adapt to working with machinery that is simply not right size.

Mounters Mate 1600HS Laminator

This is the 4th generation machine, providing single sided lamination via a top heated roller, enabling both lamination and mounting onto boards at up to 30 mm thick. Providing a working rate of up to 6.2 metres per minute. This is a mid level machine that delivers an outstanding combination of performance and value.

4TG- Static Air Gun

Even the cleanest graphic environments suffer from static problems which can variously cause and contribute to inclusion under vinyl, contamination, inconsistent application and colour matching issues when over laminating.

These guns provide a stream of ions that completely neutralise static, the difference is realised immediately.

The 4TG comes complete with various hose lengths (2,4 and 8 metre) and an option of a silent compressor.

Andrew Moore