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The Future Of The Flatbed Applicator

Flatbed applicator table - Mounter's Mate Workstation

When it comes to improving throughput and maximising your profit, you need tools your business can rely on. The Mounter’s Mate Workstation flatbed applicator table is your secret weapon when it comes to delivering timely graphic applications that your customers will love. 

  • 70% faster application to rigid boards
  • The only work bench you will ever need
  • Media holders, compressor and cutting mat included
  • Toughened glass bed with LED illumination
  • Range of sizes available

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Working With The Workstation

Working with the Workstation couldn’t be easier. As a flatbed applicator table that is designed by printers for printers, it offers all of the usability you would expect from people who work in your industry everyday, all without compromising on performance and functionality.

Everything is designed with the user in mind. From quick and easy exchange and maintenance, to bottom line safety and reliability, all of the little bits and pieces that matter have been addressed with knowledge and care.

With your business equipped with a multi-purpose tool that gets it right the first time, you will have all of the resources you need to grow and provide your customers with the great prices and quick turnarounds that will have them coming back for years to come. 

Workstation Flatbed Applicator

Take a look at the reasons why the Mounter’s Mate Workstation is all set to transform your business today.

Built to last

The entire unit is precision engineered, with BBS steel sections that are expertly welded for optimal strength. To allow smooth production for years to come, every Workstation comes complete with Bridge Guide Rails formed from high precision air-driven actuators, and ultra-durable linear bearings. 

Streamline production

The Workstation may offer virtually unlimited print and graphic application options, but what really sets it apart from the competition is that it only requires a single operator. By freeing up the rest of team, you can improve your production times by more than 70% on traditional methods.

It pays for itself

Our research with existing customers has conclusively shown that if you use your new Workstation flatbed application table for just 2 days per week, it will pay for itself outright in less than 12 months. 


Providing a consistent product is essential for building those longstanding customer relationships which are the backbone of any business. With a unique mounting system, a single operator will be able to quickly and easily load and align any print medium they need. 


The Workstation has been designed with the modern print business in mind. From applying application tape to vinyl cut lettering, to applying digital prints onto anything from PVC (Foamex) to Aluminium composite, you will have the ability to produce graphics you would never have dreamt of attempting before.

Big on functionality, low on price

Available in 3 different sizes, the Workstation starts from £10,295 + VAT and is available via a range of flexible finance options to suit your business. 

Ready and waiting

At Mounter’s Mate we know the industry inside out. To allow your business to get up and running as soon as possible, we aim keep every model in stock. Perfect for that quick dispatch that will get your Mounter's Mate experience off to a great start. 


Workstation Flatbed Applicator Table

Mounter's Mate Workstation Flatbed Applicator Specification Diagram


  • 10mm toughened glass as standard

  • LED illumination as standard

  • Steel box section construction

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Caster wheels & heavy duty feet for levelling

Main roller

  • 130mm diameter steel roller with grey silicone finish

  • Heat assisted up to 60c

  • Pneumatic lift and lower system

  • Part-firma hooks


  • Aluminium gantry with convenient hand tool storage area

  • One lift/lower button on each side of the machine

  • Emergency stops

  • LED display function panel controlling LED and heating element

Bearings & rails

  • 25mm cylindrical precision machined guide rails

  • 25mm cylindrical CNC router track linear bearings (2 per side)

Extra features

  • Bridge media holder for applying application tape to cut lettering and vinyl

  • Front and rear fitted media holders, included as standard

  • 8L silent air compressor, Included as standard

  • 5mm clear cutting mat

Workstation facts

  • Gross weight: 600kg excluding air compressor (315 model)

  • Voltage: 110v/220v 50-60hz

  • Current: 8A/230V or 16A/110v

  • Max. power: 2500w

  • Max. bed size: 1580mm x 3320mm (315 model)

  • Max. working bed size: 1510mm x 3150mm (315 model)

  • Transport size: 1970mm x 3340mm x 1350mm (WxLxH) (315 model)

  • 1 year on-site warranty

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The Mounter's Mate Workstation Range


The Mounter's Mate Workstation range of flatbed applicators for sale offers the full range of bed sizes to meet any workshop requirement. We pride ourselves on offering reliable solutions that get the job right the first time, and give you all the tools you need to transform the way you work.

Each Mounter's Mate Workstation comes as standard with:

  • 10mm tempered glass top

  • Full LED illumination

  • Temperature controlled roller

  • Pneumatic roller lift/lower system

  • Silent compressor

  • Height operation from 0 - 50mm

  • 1 year on-site warranty

Mounter's Mate
workstation 417

  • 4200 x 1700mm application area

  • Accommodates up to 1680mm width material

  • Ideal for regular large panel size graphic application.

Mounter's Mate
Workstation 315

  • Our best selling size

  • 3250 x 1550mm application area

  • Ideal for general digital prints and graphics works in any sign or print company

  • perfect for 10ft x 5ft sheets.

Mounter's Mate
Workstation 213

  • 2500 x 1300mm application area

  • Accommodates 1220mm width (8 x 4ft) material

  • Ideal for smaller repeat print work and where space is at a premium.

Mounter's Mate
Bespoke Workstation

We are passionate about solutions that are perfect for your every need. If you would like a bespoke solution to maximise the throughput in your printshop, we are always happy to hear from you so that we can provide a cost effective and competitive solution you can’t find anywhere else. 


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